Google Analytics Integration

To make optimal use of your website, you need to thoroughly understand your marketing initiative performance indicators, your traffic sources, and the actions your visitors take on your website before they leave or take further actions (e.g., downloading a PDF, filling a lead generation form, or going through a shopping cart process to buy an item).

Google Analytics can keep track of all the visitors and their behavior on your website. It generates accurate statistics about the visitors to your website. Google Analytics is a great marketing tool as it gives precise detail about what sort of users get converted to leads and focuses on obtaining more leads.

Google Analytics Setup

Integrating Google Analytics with your website to the maximum effect can be difficult. Our integration specialists make sure that your Google Analytics is optimized. Our integration services include:

  • Understanding your website objectives (e.g., sales, lead generation, customer support, content)
  • Setting up Google Analytics account for your website
  • Defining strategic goals (e.g., purchasing an item, filling in a form, downloading a PDF)
  • Tracking the exit links from your website to identify how and why users exit your website
  • Setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your marketing campaigns over time
  • Creating Google Analytics profiles
  • Setting up your Google Analytics tracking codes
  • Setting up conversion goals on Google Analytics
  • Setting up filters on Google Analytics to customize traffic reports
  • Linking Google Analytics to Google AdWords
  • Tagging your marketing campaigns
  • Designing your Google Analytics dashboard with the most valuable reports

Get in touch with us to know about the specific ways in which you can make use of our Google Analytics integration services to create better targeted ads, strengthen your marketing campaigns and create higher converting websites.


5 most popular business uses of “custom metrics” within Google Analytics

A custom metric comes to your aid when there are no predefined metrics that can measure what you want to. A custom metric can be associated with any custom or predefined dimension – and they are utilized to capture data which is not intrinsically collected by Google analytics – e.g. Phone call data, CRM data set, Author data for publishing sites. The intent of creating a custom metrics (or a custom dimension) is to infuse more context into the data cluster – which enhances the value of data analysis and segmentation. Custom metrics helps integrate external data with the Google analytics and provide a much deeper understanding of the underlying content consumption / transaction / conversion path.

10 uses of Regular Expressions (REGEX) you cannot avoid in Google Analytics

Regular Expressions add muscle and precision to your logic within the Google analytics. The most common applications of REGEX (Regular Expressions) are for – creating smart and concise filters, create accurate goals that take care of the exclusions and inclusions as per the business logic, fine-tune the funnel steps so that you are able to mimic and capture your transaction with precision, transform long unwieldy dynamic URLs into search-engine-friendly URLs, Deliver / exclude / include content based on IP address, add immense muscle to your segmentation logic , and filter data based on tricky pattern within the Google analytics interface. In short REGEX transforms complex actions and logic into simple executable logic within GA.

Monitor your Mobile App using Google Analytics

Google Analytics has always been one of the most popular tools for measuring the mobile web data. But, when it came to mobile app analytics, GA was never the preferred analytics tool for the marketers.With the advent of Mobile App tracking and reporting, GA can help developers and marketers to calibrate the end-to-end value of the mobile App – to measure every step of the users’ journey across the mobile app – App discovery, download to in-app conversions. GA for mobile apps lets you leverage the mobile app statistics to understand the complete engagement and consumption pattern of the app users - helping you to tailor your app based on the user needs and preferences.
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