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We are the only Baidu PPC agency in India with a native Chinese team.

We are also among the select group with certified partners in

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Datadriven Full-stack development, Campaign Delivery and Web Analytics Integration

Copperbridge Media’s focus has been singular – to deliver full-stack solutions to our clients – whether it’s complex Web development, Paid marketing campaigns, Marketing automation Or the Web analytics interpretation or integration.

We invite complex challenges, and pride ourselves on consistently delivering simplified solutions. We deliver through lean and agile methodologies and consistently vet our expertise through globally accredited certifications and technology updates – on a day-to-day basis. We have delighted our clients, from start-ups to industry segment leaders, through innovation and smart delivery.


Agile, lean and full-stack web design & development for the new digital era.

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Data-mined & Sales-centric PPC campaigns for Search, Display, Social and Baidu platforms.

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Campaign Intelligence derived from web analytics audit, integration & interpretation.

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100% custom marketing automation achieved for- DFP, Marketo, Pardot & HubSpot.

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5 Stars (5 / 5)
Incredible group of professionals! Incredible response to our concerns! Incredible speed and cost to complete the project! Produced Incredible results! I could go on and on to frankly speaking, my experience was incredible and I am already using this company again for a new project. I was very please.

Project Manager


5 Stars (5 / 5)
Hiring CopperBridge was the best thing I did for my productivity, effectiveness and sanity. I highly recommend them. I have used them for design work, PPC management, and website maintenance, and they work as though my company is their company. They are committed, very talented, cost-effective, and reliable.

Casey Murphy,
Director of Marketing,
Conversion Conference



Our PPC campaign creates the most profitable and affordable marketing strategy for your business. Our PPC processes are agile and stick to the concept of ‘iterative improvement’. We manages the entire PPC campaign for Search Engines Know More


We take your ideas and put them together in a way that makes sense and is powerfully aesthetically appealing. Our web development team ensures flawless operation to give your visitors the beauty and convenient functionality they want and that every website requires. Know More

Corporate Video Production

We showcase your organization’s strength through branding videos, training and safety videos, financial results videos, product / service launch videos and any other custom corporate videos.Know More


Our eCommerce development solutions provide the best in standard functionality and features while remaining completely customizable. Our process is designed to give businesses better traffic, more conversions and result-oriented outcomes. Know More


With the correct configuration of your data tracking and the knowledge of our expert teams, we can identify the weak links in your sales funnels, refine your navigation paths, or help optimize your landing page.We audit and structure your analytics implementation to make sure it is delivering actionable data and insights for smarter analysis and decision making. Know More

Whiteboard Video Production

Whiteboard explainers demand a very scientific approach right from concept to creation.We take our ninety seconds very seriously – and pack the best punch for your business. Know More

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5 queries you should have for PPC agencies before you hire one….

Google Adwords, Bing or Facebook PPC, LinkedIn PPC or a Twitter PPC campaign mandates that your PPC agency is not only a true PPC champ, but also very conversant with your Business objectives – hiring the right PPC agency demands more planning than luck.



Why tracking micro conversions are indispensable for a PPC campaign?

With conversion and sales getting more challenging by the day, every bit of marketing intelligence is vital. Micro-conversions guides the thought process towards a much larger end goal (Macro-conversion). Micro-conversions are like guiding beacons for a bigger ROI.


What is better for your business? …Cross-sale or Up-sale…

E-commerce sales can get a major boost if the up-sale and cross-sale strategy is backed by data. Understanding the buying pattern and product characteristics is indispensable for a high-yield Up-sale or Cross-sale (or both) implementation.


5 most popular business uses of “custom metrics” within Google Analytics

custom metric gives us the freedom to measure any custom KPI which is linked to the business objectives. Google Analytics cannot provide metrics and dimensions for every business situation and for every kind of transaction analysis. A well planned custom metrics is able to connect the dots of business.


10 uses of Regular Expressions (REGEX) you cannot avoid in Google Analytics

Regular Expressions (REGEX) provides the right programmatic flexibility to control and manage the quality of data without distorting the business sense of the data. REGEX helps create the most appropriate filters for our data – through sound exclusion / inclusion logic or help create accurate goals.Regular Expressions lets us simulate the transactions with accuracy.


Monitor your Mobile App using Google Analytics

Mobile App analytics is a tricky proposition for any analytics tool. Google Anlaytics too was not the preferred tool for capturing the mobile application data. At present Google Analytics delivers great insight into the mobile app usage through mobile app tracking and reporting.With it’s inherent robustness GA is able to provide the right intelligence for mobile app usage.