Google Analytics Audit

Identifying the problem and finding a solution to the problem are two different things. Without correct measurement, digital marketing strategies are like shots in the dark. Having an incorrectly configured Google Analytics means missing out on the opportunity to maximize your returns. Audits provide health check for your Google Analytics profile set-up and any technical website issues that cause erratic data.

Even if you had audited your website in the past, it is worth a yearly review to make sure the integrity of your data is maintained. We often find that problems have been introduced over time and have gone undetected; pages have been uploaded to the website and tracking code has been missed, campaign tagging has been applied incorrectly, new goals have been added but not set up correctly and many other problems.

Our Google Analytics audit service is intended for businesses:

  • that are apprehensive that their account may be configured incorrectly
  • that do not fully realize the potential of Analytics and would like to know of the opportunities to further optimize their accounts
  • that have a specific tracking requirement or concern to resolve
  • that have intricate requirements for which they need added expertise

We understand that every business is unique in itself and that the requirement of every website may be different. As such we propose three levels of audit – basic, advanced and custom-made.

Basic Analytics Audit

Primarily for smaller organizations or websites that receive a lower volume of traffic or for companies that want a basic health check of their website. This audit covers:

  • analyzing your existing version of Analytics and suggesting if an upgrade is required
  • your tracking code execution (e.g., checking if the code is present on all pages and if it has been added correctly)
  • improvements to the basic tracking code (e.g., for enhanced in page analytics or demographic reporting)
  • integration with Google Webmaster and Google Adwords
  • analysis of your marketing channels
  • review of the filters
  • examining the configuration of internal site search to track what users are searching for on your website
  • goal identification to ensure they have been setup correctly to capture key activities
  • setting up basic dashboards to summarize important information for your business

Advanced Analytics Audit

Our advanced analytics audit service includes a detailed review of the setup of your account along with reviewing the web data history, your site structure, identifying possible problem areas and ensuring that your account is optimized in the most meaningful manner to assess your digital marketing strategy. Some of the key features of this audit are:

  • Advanced tracking options – fine-tuning your analytics tracking snippet, cross device tracking and complex deployments using Google Tag Manager
  • Campaign tracking – to develop a structure to capture traffic generated by your marketing campaigns
  • Channel classification – to redefine the default channel groupings and multi-channel funnels reports
  • Advanced filters – to either manipulate data or filter traffic
  • Advanced event tracking – from online video and file downloads through to interactive media using virtual page views or analytics events
  • Goals – identifying goals and funnels to capture both micro level goals and macro conversions
  • Dashboards – complex dashboards to report on key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Ecommerce – capturing ecommerce transactions

Custom-made Analytics Audit

Our custom-made audit service is designed for companies that have customized requirements. This could include an evaluation of a specific feature of your account or detailed recommendations for websites with intricate tracking requirements.