Conversion & Sales Audit

In a nutshell, online marketing audit is a run-down of your online business strategy and its efficacy. Irrespective of the industry, size and strategic focus, majority of the companies have an online presence (and portal), either to conduct business or to expedite collaboration with its potential partners, suppliers, dealers and clients. Recent studies have shown an increased spend on the digital presence and visibility campaigns by organizations across all sectors. It makes business sense to measure the effectiveness, reach and impact of your existing online efforts – a sensible and data-backed online marketing audit.

Why CopperBridge Media?

We are gritty and experimental online marketers first and then auditors, and this reflects in our audit methodology and reporting – what is delivered is an actionable road-map – for getting the business and marketing back on track.
With more than…

  • 300 high ROI Paid marketing campaigns
  • 75 Organic campaigns
  • And 50 social media and email marketing campaigns
  • 50 Google analytic and Conversion rate optimization projects
  • 70 A/B tests and Landing page optimization exercises

…CopperBridge team brings unmatched experiential value to your online marketing audit



What we offer?

Our audit process is based on the following basic blocks…

  • Survey & Identify: Analyze the online marketing landscape and create a verifiable inventory. Identify areas of attention / improvement.
  • Architecture & Connectivity: Emphasize on the architectural and design elements of online marketing profiles – pinpointing areas of improvement in usability, navigation, user accessibility, message delivery and link placement.
  • Conversion: Sales, leads and conversion is the centerpiece of our audit methodology and reporting – open rates, CTR, CPA, Facebook Likes, Number of Fans, Twitter followership ratio, bounce and exit rate…etc.
  • Measurement: Audit means meaningful measurement. All the channels of online marketing are monitored and measured. Real time data analysis and customer footprint analysis provides invaluable input at each step of the audit.

Our consulting arm continues to walk with your team even after the audit process is complete.