User Experience Design

To have a profound impact on your business, you need to improve the end-user experience of your IT applications. User experience is all about understanding the human-computer interaction, to create an immersive experience that would ultimately determine productivity, implementation and promotion.

Our Offering

We incorporate user experience design and development activities into every stage of the application development life cycle. End-user needs are central to our entire application development process. We turn conceptual app ideas, sketches, wireframes… into clean, functional, and stunning visual interfaces for the web, iOS, Android, and Windows. Our design practice helps businesses create an influential user experience across both internal and external IT applications – helping them maximize their ROI and meet their business goals.

CBM UX Design Process

  • Evaluation: Brand Analysis, and Industry and Competitive benchmarking.
  • Prototyping: Persona Building, Contextual Inquiries and Surveys.
  • Requirements Development: Scenario Construction, Experience Attribute Identification and Mood Map Development.
  • Structure Development: Design Specifications, Information Architecture, Wireframe and Component Development, and Style Guide Creation.
  • Detailing: Hi-fidelity Prototypes and Test Reports.

CBM UI Development Process

  • Design Execution: Visual Design, Rich Internet Application (RIA) Theming and RIA Graphics.
  • Prototyping: HTML/CSS Development, Front-end Scripting and RIA Development.
  • Validation: W3C validation, Accessibility Checks and Browser Compatibility.
  • Integration: Prototype Integration and Technology Support.
  • Digital Content Management: Updating content/images/videos/audios/banner ads/web animation, and Content Migration and Maintenance.