Swedish Hasbeens Shoes for Women | Jack Harlow on the Most Expensive Shoes He Owns & His Riskiest Style

Rising rap star Jack Harlow graced the cover of FN s issue for July. From Means Street Studio in Atlanta, the Whats Poppin hitmaker addressed Atlanta s impact on his style, his growing interest in fashion, the impact he has had on New Balance and his responsibilities as a white man in rap culture. Iconic Shoes Spanning 70 Years.

Read on to find out what s in his closet, his riskiest shoes and more. 

Swedish Hasbeens Shoes for Women:

I ve probably got 60 now. I ve donated some to some friends, and I ve spread the wealth. I really don t even need all these shoes.

The is a truly lightweight running spike best for: 

I had these suede Reeboks, these blue suede Reeboks. And then I went on a field trip to a baseball game and it rained and ruined them. But I wore them every day.

Sneaker Boots Castlerock Grey Mid-cut Me:

I dream about those blue Reeboks that I never have seen since. And these [New Balance] 990s that I want from Maryland, the theme is like crab or something. I can t remember what they re called. They re like this blue. Maryland got some fly ones, the whole DMV, they have their ones, but I don t have these ones from Maryland that are really nice.

Fendi Stivale boots Pink:

Right now, my favorite pair in my closet is the red and black [New Balance] 550s.

The padded tongue and shoelaces help provide a snug and personalized in-shoe feel:

Sneakers SKECHERS Full Pace 232293 BBK Black.


The Kawhi shoes are fresh. I like the Jolly Rancher collab, and I really like the light blue ones. But more often than not, people are missing on their signature shoes. I’m like, ‘Did you get any feedback from anyone around you?’ All of culture is joking on these shoes, so what made you think you should put this out? They look void of their personal taste.

New Balance Jolly Rancher Kawhi
Jolly Rancher x New Balance Kawhi Original Flavors.
Shoes FLY LONDON Yaz P500025179 Black

ATHLETIC PROPULSION LABS Melierte Slip-On-Sneakers Grau:

I ll never get rid of these Jolly Rancher [New Balance] shoes, these lifestyle ones. They re white and the sole has all the Jolly Rancher flavors.


I like those white Steph Curry [Under Armour ‘Chef’] shoes, the ones people were clowning that were kind of dad-ish. At least they made a statement. It was so perfectly minimal and so polarizing. I’d rather you be polarizing than bland. I feel like he said, ‘F**k it, these are this, and if you hate it, at least it’s making noise.’ I thought that was dope.

Under Armour Curry Two Low Che
The Under Armour Curry Two Low Chef.
Sneakers GEOX U Renan B U254GB 02011 C1018 Dove Grey.


These pointy Celines, they’re kind of elf-ish. Workshop shoes. High-end though, they’re good looking, don’t get me wrong. It’s got a metro vibe to it.


A shoe that has that chunk on the bottom? The little high-fashion heels? I have some Prada boots and some pretty slick Bottegas. I like them, I wear them. It’s not something I’m walking around in every day, but if I’m posing in a magazine, I’ll put some heels on.


Might be those Bottegas, I bought them at the store. I think the Bottegas with the heel are probably the most expensive pair I have. I don t buy a lot of shoes, sometimes they just arrive. It s rare for me to go shoe shopping.


One pair I ve had for a while are these DC [New Balance] 990s, the [collab with] Eat with the primary colors. I ve had those for a while.

Kanye Wests Yeezy Wave Runner 700 sneakers:

I always travel with some 550s, I always take some 990s, I take the Filling Pieces everywhere and a fourth or fifth shoe is like a mystery slot, can be switched around.

Balmain Kids touch-strap leather sneakers Blu: 

My roommate is more of a sneakerhead than me, Urban [Wyatt]. A lot of the more rare Hypebeast stuff or any Jordans, I typically slide them his way. He s a few sizes below me so I just ask for his size a lot of the time.

For adidas X9000L3 Shoes:

I got a pair of shoes that I own that some people might feel guilty for, but I don t feel guilty for: it s the Starburys. I still pull them out from time to time, too. S**ts are hitting.


Couldn t be me, chief. I wear every shoe I buy.

Xero Shoes Hana Wandelschoenen Arizona buckled sandals Rosso.

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