Video Post Production

Video Post Production

Fine-tuning, High-grading and Awesoming your video

CopperBridge’s post-production magicians get into action right here and your video begins to pack the right punches – while keeping your audience glued till the end. The perfect balance of space and time is created – accentuated by just the most synchronized sound and music – delivering a power-packed performance. At the end of the journey every pixel blends most naturally with every sound decibel.

Color Grading

Professional Color Grading

Deliver your real colors

Transforming saturated frames into balanced-lit shots – Removing dust, dirt and wear-n-tear from a bad footage – Nuanced highlighting in sync with the ambiance – A color grading strategy that defines the true character of your video footage and impacts the visual sensibilities of your audience – A scientific and audience-tested color grading delivery for all occasions.


Sound Design

Scientifically Designed Sound for your Video

Making every decibel count

Sound engineering that tickles your imagination, jolts your memory, takes you to pre-historic times, transports you to a remote Hawaiian island populated with ancient creatures, takes you through a trans-Atlantic journey on a rickety boat, moves you into a state of slumber on a hot and humid Indian summer or just brings back your magic schooldays with your childhood sweetheart – CopperBridge Sound Designers stitch the best pieces of sound effects for your video.



Visual Effects

Visual magic that tells the true story

Transforming dreams into reality

Use of green screen, 3D rendering, CGI and Rotoscoping – A VFX delivery that transports the viewers into an outer galaxy, into a world populated and managed by robots, entangles them in a war-torn territory or transports them into a kingdom of fairies. Simple unnoticeable changes to the ambience that defines a masterpiece are taken care of by the CopperBridge crew. As the visual creativity is coalesced with visual effects, the magic unfolds on the screen – The unassuming VFX artists in the CopperBridge Studio get their share of the reward.



VoiceOver Artists

Giving Voice to your creativity

Adding true human touch to your videos

Accents, tone, cadence and ethnicity do deliver the difference when it comes to videos. CopperBridge has nurtured an impressive network of professional voice actors who can deliver the right personality to your video.


Video Editing

Visual magic fine-tuned here

Connecting all the dots in your video

Every story needs editing. Video editing eliminates the rough edges and binds the narrative in a cohesive visual tale – a story that reflects the true spirit of the script. The pace of the video is equally important as it helps the audience be in the game. Our editors are well versed in the technical arts of Avid and After Effects, Blender and Final Cut. The best is saved for the last as the video editors dive deep with their experienced eyes – flagging every tiny bit of incoherence in visual, transition, sound effects, close captioning, title sequences or even the credits.



Why choose CopperBridge Media for your Video Post-Production projects?

Over the years we have worked with corporate leaders, leading marketers, digital AD agencies and small and medium business owners to translate their business vision and messages through the video medium. We are the only a select group of professional video production companies in India who have a trained and certified pool of cinematographers, video editors and creative directors in all the major locations in India – our crew can deliver seamlessly across all the major cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad – complemented by the most creative and professional video crew in the world.. We provide the following services in addition to the full-stack video production services…

Corporate Videos

Training Videos

Start-Up Demo Video

Medical Video Production

B2B & Municipal Videos

Video ADs – TV & Digital channels

Voice-Over production

Video Editing services

Interactive Marketing Videos

Multi-purpose educational Videos

Pre-Production: From Story-boarding to Location Scouting

DVD authoring and mastering



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