Social Media PPC Campaigns

Social Media Paid campaigns are a complex mosaic of demographic attributes, socio-cultural preferences, multi-cultural views and authoritative influencers. Although a great platform for subtle marketing experiments and messages, targeted and paid advertising was still not considered an opportunity on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – till some time back.



FaceBook: Incisive demographic data


Facebook came up with very incisive metrics segments which not only acts as bundles of intelligence for marketers, but also provides the right level of confidence for even the most seasoned of online marketers. The 3 bundles of metrics in question are –

  1. Responder Demographics: provides the aggregate age, gender, and geographic location of the users who have clicked on an AD
  2. Responder Profiles: This report provides psychographic information including common interests, favorite TV shows, movies, books, and music.
  3. Advertising Performance: Gives Campaign level metrics to AD level metric



LinkedIn: Versatile targeting options



A good majority of recent surveys have shown that LinkedIn PPC have more than 500% better CTR than Adwords & 70% less expensive – BECAUSE OF LESSER UNWANTED CLICKS

  1. Making your business pitch to only a very specific geographical location – backed by a thorough knowledge of the social, cultural and demographic data

  2. Marketing of services and products to only those Companies (Number of Employees, Annual Revenue) which fit into your strategic scheme

  3. The outcome of a marketing is largely dependent upon whom you are making a pitch – LinkedIn campaigns, unlike any other PPC platform allows you to target your message based on Job Title, group membership, School / College alumni status or even to a particular person with a specific skill-set


Twitter: Truly global and real-time targeting

Twitter’s PPC platform has truly provided a lot of ammunition to the innovative marketer – with the addition of Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends – allowing advertisers and marketers to target specific users based on the type of content they’re likely interested in.

  1. 360* global reach: Twitter is one of the truly global PPC AD platforms and is a great source for global advertising strategy

  2. Twitter provides three targeting options when promoting a Tweet based on our need to reach our audience – search results, homepage feeds, or your profile.

  3. Geo-Specific: Much of Twitter’s inventory is geo-tagged which offers marketers significant opportunity to deliver locally relevant ad messages.

  4. Our Advertising team helps you serve engaging tweets on a consistent basis based on the Twitter’s truly native core Ad unit



Our core analytics team helps you get the best out of Twitter analytics – Track multiple components of your Twitter Ads activity, analyze the behavior of your customers and optimize your campaign performance in real time.

What else matters…?




  1. Measuring the path and volume of footfalls on the sales page unravels the finer details as well as the flaws in the marketing road map. As compared to organic metrics, paid advertising metrics can have their origin in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search marketing, MSN Adcenter, LinkedIn and FaceBook campaigns, banner campaigns, affiliate campaigns and many other new crop of paid advertising platforms.
  2. CBM’s proprietary metrics processes integrate and segments the various paid advertising metrics that define your marketing program.
  3. The various metric blocks are un-siloed and integrated intelligently to create a ROI-centric marketing decision-making suit. At the end every number has to be tied to the ‘value of customer’ (VOC).The integration of TV shopping channels and Call center selling with the online paid advertising channels has created both opportunities and challenges for the marketing brains.
  4. While the sales have been coming from different marketing layers, the mosaic of metrics gives very little away to even the savviest of online marketers – Another case study opportunity for the CopperBridge analytics group


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