Tag Management

Businesses that run a variety of marketing campaigns through multiple channels like search, display, social, email, and affiliate and also businesses that employ multiple tracking platforms, would gain from a good tag management system.

Market researcher Econsultancy reported that 73% of businesses that use a tag management system have reported reduced tag management expense, while 45% of businesses have described it as considerably less expensive than manually updating tags.

Benefits from our tag management system

  • Add tags quickly
  • Reduce IT bottleneck
  • Enhance the performance of your website
  • Improve conversion
  • Stop Tag lock-in
  • Avoid Tag Interference
  • Centralize Tool Management
  • Manage Multiple websites
  • Enhance privacy
  • Manage site and mobile tags

Our Expertise

We help businesses audit their tags, evaluate their current or future tagging needs, and identify the best tag management system (TMS) that suits their resources, scale, budget and tag complexity. Once we have done the analysis and have identified the best TMS, we then help to implement the selected TMS, perform a post-implementation audit to make sure all the manually placed tags were removed, and assist with continuing training and management.
From an association perspective, we currently work with the following vendors:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Tag Manager
  • Ensighten
  • TagMan
  • Tealium
  • OpenTag
  • Tag Commander
  • Super Tag

Our Offerings

Managed Service
This service is especially for businesses that are currently missing the correct resources to manage the TMS application or are just looking to have trained experts to implement and maintain the system. We can completely customize this offering based upon the level of involvement and number of domains needed. This service can add immediate value to your business.

Data Layer Design and Development
Data Layer Design and Development is a crucial aspect in the TMS space, but seldom do we see this approached in the correct manner by other consulting firms in the TMS space. We realize that Data Layers is a strategic driver to more than just your web analytics tool implementation.

Solution Design Import
If you want to add a domain to the TMS application, we will utilize our web analytics experience; to make sure the deployment gets done correctly the first time. Our technical team is trained and certified on the major analytics vendors and combines those skills with detailed knowledge of the TMS application to help boost your business from day one.

Some of the digital marketing services we deliver via tags are:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) tracking
  • Web analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media interaction
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Testing optimization
  • Ad networks
  • Personalization
  • Customer surveys
  • Product comparison
  • Audience measurement
  • Performance supervision