Landing Page Optimization

Customer expectations are very high once they reach your site and a minor flaw in the design of Landing Pages will send them off to your competitor’s site. Landing Pages are where your customers come searching for your product or services after they have clicked on your online AD. Landing Pages have been an enigma for Search Engine marketers for a long time.

Commerce means conversions and eCommerce manifests itself through the conversion potential of landing pages. All the meticulous planning invested in keyword research, usability and site architecture, content planning and social networking is measured through the success of the landing pages – In the end, conversion is what determines the robustness of an eCommerce strategy.

Landing Page optimization – One size doesn’t fit all

Consumers always do their homework and their shopping intentions are reflected in the choice of their keywords – so your landing page content and design needs to match the expectations of the visitor. Horses for the courses – which means every landing page caters to a particular set of keyword searches. Generalized landing pages often suffer the common fate – maximized impressions but minimal conversions.

What we offer?

  • What ultimately matters is a perfectly synchronized message between the AD copies and the various Landing page components – Description, Title, Graphics and Call-To-Action buttons – all linked through a set of search-worthy keywords – TO DELIVER CONSISTENT CONVERSIONS
  • Our Landing page methodology covers every aspect of PPC algorithm along with the human preferences – essential to deliver a conversion-centric Landing page for your business.

The 4 major factors of an optimized Landing Page are…

  • Title of the Page
  • Description of the product or service
  • Graphics / Videos
  • CTA (Call to Action) buttons

All the above factors have to be tailored based on the customer behavior and expectations. The optimum Landing Page can be decided by using A/B testing or Split testing.
CopperBridge team has been marketing sites for long enough to know the inclinations of a customer as they arrive on your site. We combine our knowledge of market psychology, customer behavior and Search Engines to create a high conversion Landing Page.


  • Conduct Site Architecture Audit
  • Utilize Site heat-maps to understand the click pattern of potential customers
  • Work by dividing the site into segments and optimizing each segment
  • Perform Content & USP analysis: For maximum and singular impact on the audience. Benefit hierarchy and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) are vital to the decision making of potential customers.
  • Trust & Credibility analysis: Trust and credibility are indispensable– This should be reflected by the website within the first 5 seconds of a customer’s arrival.
  • Pricing & Numbers: Pricing, Offers, Deals and Announcements placed appropriately play a decisive role in the rate of conversion.

Landinge Page Optimization: Methodology & Approach

  • Architect & Design Landing Pages for business sites
  • Landing Page Optimization: We provide Suggestions for improving quality of landing page.
  • We combine our knowledge of market psychology, customer behavior and Search Engines to create a high conversion Landing Page.
  • Setting up sales funnel and Goal conversions is extremely important for a well oiled PPC campaign. We utilize A/B testing of landing pages coupled with Sales funnel integration to optimize the conversion potential of the website.
  • We have been working with eCommerce companies to set up their purchase / sales funnel – customer arrival to ‘Thank You’ page movement.

The science of selling…or the arts of it

The art of selling in the online world is not very different than the physical selling of goods and services. Transparency and simplicity is always a better selling technique as compared to duplicity – a correlation between the AD copy and the Landing page content is the thumb rule for a greater customer attention and conversion. By now, we all know the value of a good site navigation, meaningful graphics, simplicity of designs and compelling content (Title, Punchline and description).

So, what separates an average landing page from an awesome landing page?

Let me tell you in simple terms – It’s the understanding and measurement of the customer’s shoes and the ability to put ourselves in those shoes – so that our design is governed by the customers’ thought.

Not to forget the basics of a long haul landing page – Monitor, Measure and Improve.