A/B and MV Testing

You would not make some of your most important decisions based on instinct alone. We all probably realize that an iterative approach to delivering great content to visitors can significantly improve conversions. You would probably choose to research your choices to improve your chance of success. By using A/B and multivariate testing, you can determine which features, layouts and designs improve conversions and simplify the sale process.

A/B and multivariate testing not only helps you to ascertain whether a new version of a webpage, design or combination of elements is better than the original page, it also helps you to measure how much better it is. You can measure what the new conversion rate is, revenue per visitor, the new average order value or how many new leads the winning variant has given you during the testing period. Once you have this comparable and objective data along with a high enough statistical significance to be confident in the result, it is now so much easier to work out the return on investment of your entire testing process.

Our Approach

Most websites are designed with only usability or aesthetics in mind, not to increase conversions. We always begin with a conversion optimization strategy that prioritizes where to start testing and when to use A/B or multivariate testing.
It always pays off to invest a few days at the beginning of a project to identify and prioritize the real business goals, understand the value proposition and personas, examine the web analytics findings and get the right tools in place.
We have realized that we can get better online results for our clients by not limiting ourselves to the attributes of a particular testing tool. In fact, we are glad to use and suggest a variety of testing tools. This approach gives us liberty to suggest the type of test plan that will get the optimal results.


  • Setting up Google Analytics, Google experiment , sales funnel and Goal conversions as established in the preliminary marketing discussions
  • Identify potential cases of Landing Page Optimization
  • Plan for the A/B testing of landing pages based on the above list
  • Execute Split coupled with Sales funnel integration to optimize the conversion potential of the website.
  • The process has to be executed for every page along the transaction path (‘Entry’ TO ‘Point of Sale’ TO ‘Thank You’ Page)

Our PPC processes are agile and stick to the concept of ‘iterative improvement’ – which translates into maximized business growth at optimal budgets.

Our solutions can help you to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing by optimizing digital properties with valuable investigation of customer segments and targeted communication.
  • Decide which metrics to track, such as online and offline results, conversion rates, customer value, revenue, and more.
  • Realize how different tests impact each other, and how they blend to the better performing touch point.
  • Frequently improve communications that support speedy and continuous improvement.
  • Improve conversion rates by understanding what works for each segment.

We provide proven results

We don’t just provide opinions on what may increase conversions – we provide statistically proven results. We deliver website changes that are proven to increase profit – and your conversion rate lift is certain.