Web Analytics

We start by making sure we have an understanding of what drives your business. At the end of the day, your marketing goals form the foundation of our digital analytics engagement.   Once we establish a measurement strategy, we take into account the conversions that are vital for your business. We audit and structure your analytics implementation to make sure it is delivering actionable data and insights for smarter analysis and decision making.

Our Web Analytics Process

  • Define Website Goals: We understand your goals in order to improve your website. Objectives are absolutely necessary in order to start the process and then move on to build the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Build KPIs: In order to measure goal achievement, we create KPIs to understand whether the website is going up or down.
  • Collect Website Data: We collect ACCURATE data to understand customer behavior properly.
  • Analyze Data: We analyze data to discover immediate insights for implementation.
  • Test Alternatives: We test different alternatives to lower the risk of a loss in revenue due to a poor new design. Testing alternatives gives us a chance to understand what customers like and dislike, which eventually leads to more or less conversions.
  • Implement: No implementation is a synonym of no Web Analytics. We implement insights based on either data analysis or website testing.


Some of the Web Analytics Tools We Use

  • Google Analytics: We use this tool to see what keywords are bringing the most visitors to your pages and what aspects of your designs are making them leave your site. This tool generates a report for your website that includes information about visitors, traffic sources, goals, content and ecommerce.
  • Kissmetrics: This tool allows us to track the activities of individual visitors throughout your websites. We can find out how behaviors change over time, recognize patterns and see the most distinctive and recent referrers, among other statistics.
  • Crazy Egg: Utilizing the Heatmap technology of this tool we get a visual picture of what visitors are doing on your web pages. It shows us where visitors are moving their mouse and where they are clicking. This type of tracking helps us to see what areas on the website are catching the most attention and interaction from users.
  • Adobe Site Analytics: Adobe site analytics helps us create a broader overview of your business by turning all customer interactions, including offline data, into actionable insights.


We Help Improve Your ROI

With the correct configuration of your data tracking and the knowledge of our expert teams, we can identify the weak links in your sales funnels, refine your navigation paths, or help optimize your landing pages – whatever is required to inform and deliver the best possible experience for your audience.