Shopping Campaign Management

Google shopping campaigns offer a level playing field for online retailers – big or small. Unlike the search campaigns where keyword is king, shopping campaigns are product centric. Merchant center is the nerve center of the Google Shopping campaign and the success of the campaign is dependent upon how well organized are the product categories and items – getting the data feed, product information, availability and price range right is the first important step.

We help you streamline, maintain and automate the data-feed for your Google Merchant center.

We synchronize your website with Merchant center.

Multi-Region & Multi-Currency Shopping feed

Product title, description, pricing and currency are extremely important when the shopping campaign is targeted to more than one regions having different currency and language.

  • Our Shopping campaign team ensures that you are talking to your customers around the world in the language that they understand. The product title and description should convey the intended message for every customer irrespective of the language or geographical differences.
  • We deliver a mechanism for ‘Price accuracy’ when the products are sold in international currencies.
  • We automate the country specific shopping campaign helping you focus on increasing the product categories.
  • Product Graphics are usually the deal makers or breakers – so we put the best hands behind the product imagery – creating high quality, ‘Family Friendly, and original product images for the shopping feed.
  • Finally, we do audit all your destination URLS – Google disqualifies any product with dead links.

We deliver shopping campaign efficiency and consistent high ROI delivery through…
Consistent Product Mapping – Improved Ad relevancy and User Experience – Logically structured Product Groups – Mobile aware campaigns – Prioritized campaigns….

How we chart growth for your Shopping Campaign?

  • Assign a Retail campaign coordinator for every account
  • Submission of Google Merchant Feed on a daily basis – up to 30x per day if required
  • Process the Master Product Feed through CopperBridge proprietary feed optimizationscript – for an optimized feed delivery
  • Automating the Integration of Product & Seller reviews into shopping campaigns
  • Putting in place the mechanism for Google Remarketing ADs on a product level
  • Enhancing the search value of feeds by optimizing keywords into Product titles,Descriptions and Attributes
  • Create Remarketing lists for future campaigns
  • Utilize the Mobile Bid Modifiers to capture high value customers at the right time
  • Enhancing AD conversion potential through Day-Parting, Geo-Targeting, and Device-Level Modifications
  • Capture and analyze customer footprints and behavioral pattern
  • Maximize the returns by targeting the most profitable Campaigns & SKU segments – andeliminating the low value SKUs
  • Facilitating Google Trusted Stores Certification