Remarketing is a regular feature of traditional marketing. In the online world, marketing pundits had been focused on customer footprint analysis, demographic and psychographic evaluation for quite some time. While the data of failed transactions and identity of customers who exited prematurely was there to be leveraged, the concept of re-persuasion or remarketing has been highlighted in only the recent past. The intent of remarketing is to infuse sales momentum for products which have experienced a slump in demand.



Why CopperBridge Media?

Remarketing is just another stage of conversion optimization – where a certain segment of consumers have exited from the transaction pipeline. Our team is predominantly focused on conversion rate optimization and any associated factors of this – and our upbringing with analytics data, tags and scripts helps us in getting a technical handle over the remarketing process. Our clients benefit from remarketing projects in GDN (Google Display Network) and FBX (Facebook Exchange) through ADRoll.

What we offer?

Our remarketing program is not limited to GDN and FBX. We utilize every possible network and search trail where a customer has been to before arriving at your site. This data footprint provides actionable intelligence to serve him / her with the right AD from the right website. We target customers who have dropped off and left a trail of their activity on social, organic and email marketing campaigns.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]