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Search Engine Marketing (aka PPC – Pay Per Click) is for advertisers who want instant results. CopperBridge Adwords campaign creates the most profitable and affordable marketing strategy for your business.

Bing Ads are no longer in the ‘also ran’ category. Bing Ads help you tap more than 30% of the consumers who are still not Google-aware.A higher conversion rate and lower cost per acquisition are additional factors that make this new ‘converged platform’ a very exciting addition to the marketing mix.

We invite you to go for our no-strings-attached FREE audit & analysis of your existing Adwords & Bing campaign. This complimentary review will help bring out the intelligence from the campaign and showcase your business to more than 175 million unique searches on the Yahoo Bing! network.


What the PPC campaign will encompass…

  • Keyword re-evaluation & research, CTR & CPC analysis and AD Group analysis
  • Remarketing through GDN (Google Display Network)
  • Landing Page Optimization: We provide Suggestions for improving quality of landing page.
  • ROI CALCULATION & Goal setting based on the new products
  • Budget advisory & Strategy implementation
  • PPC Bid Management: We provide PPC management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.
  • Complete AD analysis, creation and copywriting
  • Weekly reporting
To get maximum conversion & intelligence…We utilize…

5 queries you should have for PPC agencies before you hire one….

More often than not, companies end-up hiring PPC agencies for their paid marketing campaigns– for Google Adwords, Bing or Facebook PPC campaigns. A quick reality check reveals that not all partnerships deliver the goods – and quite a few fail miserably. While most PPC agencies proclaim a seasoned pool of PPC professionals who are in sync with the latest PPC techniques, the outcome of campaigns belie this fact. Trustworthy industry reports have been highlighting the ‘less than desirable’ outcomes of PPC campaigns – because of so many reasons – technical, functional or market understanding. In this post, we have tried to create an experiential checklist of queries for your potential PPC agency – so that you have a winning combination.

Why tracking micro conversions are indispensable for a PPC campaign?

Conversions are the true measure of a PPC campaign’s success. As business and marketing analysts we are always on the look-out for nuggets of intelligence, related to the customer buying pattern, which will help maximize the conversions in the end. These small blocks of intelligence can be what is called the micro-conversions – bright spots in the customer’s buying journey which are extremely important for the campaign optimization. Micro conversions are also good indicators of the hurdles faced by consumer along the transaction path – potential roadblocks to conversions. Micro-conversions are indispensable to understanding a longish sales cycle – as well as B2B customer journeys – and in understanding the lead quality.

What is better for your business? …Cross-sale or Up-sale…

Choosing between a cross-sale or up-sale is not a numerical decision for the marketing team – it is tightly linked with the nature of the product, the consumer profile and many other extraneous factors like – special event, weather and market trend. The idea of a cross-sale or up-sale is to make it a win-win proposition for both the buyer and the seller. In addition to the product-mix, the location or the page where the offer is made is equally important - According to research from Predictive Intent, upselling performs 20 times better than cross-selling when it comes to product pages. One data-based approach to resolve this can be to do an A / B testing for the page – where customers are served cross-sale or up-sale equally.

What we Offer…

The strength of CopperBridge PPC campaign lies in the CB team’s knowledge of your product / service and the market dynamics. Clients benefit from our PPC expertise in the following ways…
  • CopperBridge plans, executes and manages the entire PPC campaign for Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • CopperBridge’s PPC team has a complete understanding of your business and ROI objectives – and this is reflected in the exhaustive keyword research and analysis
  • We have a dedicated team for AD conceptualization and Graphic designing – ensuring the most efficient AD copies for your business
  • Understanding the demography, culture, values and ethics of the target location is vital to create a persuasive AD. Our AD creation team performs the adequate background research to come up with the most targeted message
  • The job doesn’t end with the creation of an AD. We analyze your Landing pages and optimize them so that they match the expectations of the customer when they arrive there after clicking the Ads
  • CTRs (Click Through Rate) is an important aspect of a successful PPC program and we devise our campaign strategy to maximize the CTR
  • We provide frequent ROAS (Return On AD Spend) reports to our clients so that they can spend every dollar profitably
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Hiring CopperBridge was the best thing I did for my productivity, effectiveness and sanity. I highly recommend them. I have used them for design work, PPC management, and website maintenance, and they work as though my company is their company. They are committed, very talented, cost-effective, and reliable.

Casey Murphy,

Director of Marketing,

Conversion Conference

Why Choose CopperBridge?

We understand that PPC is a strategic investment for your business and that every penny counts. We put our experiential and industry acumen behind your campaign and create a culture of high ROI in all the campaigns.
Record We are engaged with the Paid marketing ecosystem since the very early days of its arrival. We collaborate with more than 150 business owners annually to create high ROI campaigns.
We are immersed in the profitable PPC campaign strategies and value creation for our clients.
We have a certified group of professionals from all the major search engines and engage with the respective teams on a regular basis to resolve complex issues.
Every client is a partner for us. We are in charge of the housekeeping - Budget Management, Sales / Lead generation, New strategy execution and minimization of waste. We grow if the the partner grows.
The PPC group creates value for the clients consistently and is abreast with the latest innovation in the Paid media sphere. As a group, we also share our ‘lessons learned’ and ‘quick win strategies’ with the community.
We work within your comfort zone - on a month-to-month basis - No contracts. 90% of our clients have a recurring relationships with us. More than 95% of our new clients are referred by our existing ones. We not only manage profitable PPC campaigns for you but also help you establish in-house talent for PPC management.