PPC audit

Paid marketing campaigns have a high degree of accounting practices embedded within them – and like a firm’s accounts, PPC campaigns can avoid pitfalls and embrace efficiency by having regular campaign audits. PPC campaigns are all about great sales and leads numbers, and a well planned and timely audit can highlight the major KPIs (key performance indicators) for a profitable campaign. CopperBridge audit team works in tandem with the PPC campaign management group – thus providing a meaningful option for the client to implement the audit results simultaneously along with the assurance of a guaranteed ROI.

Why CopperBridge Media?

  • Audit of campaigns with a combined value of more than $15 million ROI
  • 200+ multi-platform campaign audits
  • Analysis of more 10,1000 AD copies and Ad groups
  • 360* restructuring of more than 3000 landing pages


PPC Audit Road Map

  • CONDUCT SITE ARCHITECTURE AUDIT (process overview attached)
  • Utilize Site heat-maps to understand the click pattern of potential customers
  • Work by dividing the site into segments and optimizing each segment
  • Perform Content & USP analysis: Benefit hierarchy and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) are vital to the decision making of potential customers.


What we offer?

Our PPC audit model puts ‘Business, Market dynamics and Audience profiling’ at the center – complimented by historical and real-time data. We understand that only 2 types of Business owners invest in PPC audit – one who is losing money in a PPC campaign or one who is about to invest resources and funds in the campaign. Our PPC audit methodology connects the business footprints from the offline space to your online store. With more than 150 business owners across the globe utilizing our audit recommendations, we still continue to innovate with each new campaign. The building blocks of CopperBridge’s PPC audit consist of ….

  • Campaign Goals and Objectives: This stage sets the tone for the PPC audit process and establishes the framework for evaluation, research and reporting
  • Website sentiment: What does the site project at first glance? Does it reflect trust, credibility, authority, well reviewed and recommended, affordable and well (in case of eCommerce websites)
  • Consumer persona & profile: Demographic and Psychographic attributes of site visitors. The on-site behavior, preferences, dislikes and movement patterns.
  • Campaign structure & data analysis:Threadbare analysis of historical and real-time data. Entry-to-Exit pattern evaluation combined with intelligent conversion information forms the core of this audit phase
  • AD, ADcopy and Landing Page evaluation: The common thread running through these PPC pieces are the keywords. This phase ensures consistency in the delivered message and enhances the targeted traffic volume.
  • Actionable reporting: Reporting should not be an intelligent regurgitation of data – but, it should be in an actionable format and should guarantee the ROI as estimated from the audit exercise. CopperBridge delivers custom audit reports as dictated by the needs of the campaign.