Landing Page Audit

Landing page audit is like the inspection of a retail store in the physical world. The intent and objectives of both the exercise is the same – to find out the reasons for customer disenchantment and trickling conversions. In an online transaction, landing page is the final step before the successful consummation of the transaction – successful conversion. It is generally seen that the decision to audit the landing pages is taken when all other means of getting the business back on track has been exhausted.

Ideally, the landing page audit should be scheduled all along the sales life cycle – so, that the coherence between the AD copies, keywords and landing pages can be maintained throughout.



Why CopperBridge Media?

With almost 30 paid marketing campaigns every quarter, conversions rate optimization (CRO) and Landing page audits have become the first and last line of defense for the CopperBridge PPC team. For us, Landing page audit is the benchmark step for even a regular paid marketing project, and it sets the tone for a scientific and ROI-based PPC campaign – irrespective of the market and competitive dynamics. Some of the other high impact reasons to utilize our Landing Page audit are…

  • Since we are well heeled in the A/B and multi-variate testing segment, we make recommendations regarding the A/B tests
  • Our audit report includes recommendations for post audit scenario
  • The audit methodology prescribes a phased approach to campaign adjustment and maturity with regards to the Landing page audit


What we deliver?

Quality score is the dominant factor for the conversion potential of your Landing page. A great landing page does not necessarily mean an awesome quality score (and vice versa) and an enviable conversion rate.

  • What ultimately matters is a perfectly synchronized message between the AD copies and the various Landing page components – Description, Title, Graphics and Call-To-Action buttons – all linked through a set of search-worthy keywords.
  • Our Landing page audit covers every aspect of PPC algorithm along with the human preferences – essential to deliver a conversion-centric Landing page for your business.