Information Architecture Audit

Every content, whether in the print media, digital media or electronic media, has an intent and a goal to accomplish – Sales, leads, inquiry, downloads or just pure and simple controversy. Content or Information architecture plays a decisive role in the manner the content is consumed in any media. Although, the fundamental principles of content architecture remain the same, the content strategy might differ for different themes and industries. Ecommerce segment sites will have a different content architecture as compared to SAAS sites or even an enterprise level informative site. Even within the Ecommerce, various product segments will demand a completely different ‘content thought process’.




Why CopperBridge Media?

We are focused on sales and conversion, and content architecture demands the majority of our attention and energy. With the advent of universal search, the last few years have seen various formats and flavors of content getting prominence in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) – Text, Video, Images, Rich media content, Infographic and sound bytes – now all of them have the level playing field.

  • With a balanced blend of seasoned marketers, UI / UX specialists and proven copywriters in the mix, CopperBridge Media assures a conversion-centric content architecture – delivered through intuitive wireframes, sitemaps and guides.
  • Our process establishes the content framework for the future also – with proper content inventory.
  • We utilize the demography of potential customers and their search habits to create custom content architecture.
  • Intuitive usability and least-click navigation drives our information flow strategy.


What we offer?

We strive to deliver all-weather information architecture to our clients (not limited to only the content). As we have mentioned above, conversion is close to our heart, and this means that we make meaningful recommendations towards the following elements of website also…

  • Adequate use and placement of images / graphics
  • The most appropriate page and placement of videos / rich media content
  • Style guidelines are also presented as part of the information architecture
  • In specific cases, our recommendations also incorporate the SEO, PPC and Social media factors

Essentially, our content architecture delivers the road-map for an immersive consumer experience on your website.