DVT (Dedicated Virtual Team)

Dedicated virtual team (DVT) is a versatile solution for delivering complex solutions in an affordable and controllable manner. It offers genuine control over your technical resources and other facets related to project management. A dedicated virtual team adds immense development muscle to your capability and offers immediate technical expertise, operational security, flexibility and scalability. Skills evaluation and ‘competency-to-needs’ matching can be done prior to entering into a contract.

Dedicated virtual team at CopperBridge

Procuring ideal resources at the right time is a major development roadblock for firms of all sizes and competencies. CopperBridge virtual platform allows quick strategic decision-making with instant resource deployment. With seasoned pool of technical resources, CopperBridge virtual team can steer your complex projects with ease and professionalism. The virtual workforce can be seamlessly integrated with your current division or as an extension of your business. What makes the difference to your bottom-line are…

  • Virtual management of the offshore team

Flexibility to increase capacity and capability of the team – Increase the volume of a particular skill-set or hire unique-skilled resources

  • Readymade IT infrastructure for instant project kick-off
  • Adoption of your corporate methodologies and process within the project management framework
  • Establish custom reporting and review procedures
  • Work performed within intellectual property protection guidelines


How to get Started?

CopperBridge’s DVT solution offers an affordable and rapid project deployment solution. You have instant access to the important groups in the project – Development, Testing and QA teams, maintenance and support team, UI / UX team, R & D team, and Project management team and team leads. The resource efficiency is always optimized considering the fact resources can be brought in or benched based on the needs of the project phase. The following simple steps form the basic starting block for a DVT…

  • Collaborate and establish the major points of a DVT contract
  • Share the following – Project requirements, Specs, corporate procedures or guidelines, specific development or design methodologies, standards, benchmark and best practices
  • Team selection and introduction
  • Infrastructure, technology and software evaluation and set-up
  • Finalize Project Management, reporting and communication processes and guidelines
  • Launch DVT
  • Review operations with iterative improvement