Paid Media Strategy

Search PPC

Search Engine Marketing (aka PPC – Pay Per Click) is for advertisers who want instant results. CopperBridge Adwords campaign creates the most profitable and affordable marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Bing Ads are no longer in the ‘also ran’ category. Bing Ads help you tap more than 30% of the consumers who are still not Google-aware.A higher conversion rate and lower cost per acquisition are additional factors that make this new ‘converged platform’ a very exciting addition to the marketing mix.
  2. We invite you to go for our no-strings-attached FREE audit & analysis of your existing Adwords & Bing campaign. This complimentary review will help bring out the intelligence from the campaign and showcase your business to more than 175 million unique searches on the Yahoo Bing! network.

What the PPC campaign will encompass…


  1. Keyword re-evaluation & research, CTR & CPC analysis and AD Group analysis
  2. Remarketing through GDN (Google Display Network)
  3. Landing Page Optimization: We provide Suggestions for improving quality of landing page.
  4. ROI CALCULATION & Goal setting based on the new products
  5. Budget advisory & Strategy implementation
  6. PPC Bid Management: We provide PPC management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.
  7. Complete AD analysis, creation and copywriting
  8. Weekly reporting


Our PPC Process…








Display PPC Campaign: Precision Banner Ads


The ‘banner blindness’ has changed the approach. It’s no longer the static and commonplace 300 x 250 banner ads served to the wrong audience at the wrong time. Instead, they are targeted, authentic, engaging and with a unique story of their own.

  1. We go beyond the flashlights and compel the viewer to interact with the banner AD – through the visual story of the brand or the product
  2. Our Ad banners are the Landing Page themselves – the actual Landing page is utilized to seal the deal
  3. Rich media and Video banner ads captures the attention and imagination of your audience like no other format – our job is to make it happen within the first 5 seconds
  4. We know how to leverage the best audience for your brand from the big three – Google, MSN and Bing


We help you couple the Programmatic and Data-based media buying with your display campaign…

Data Driven Display

We understand that blind ad serving dries up you budget in just a few sessions. Driving the display campaign with deep data insights helps us serve the ads in the way it is meant to be. We let the data from the behavioral analysis drive the banner ad campaign. While the ad serving needs this data insight to serve the ads to the right audience at the right time, the same data is also utilized to deliver the most appropriate creative message to every single viewer.

Native Content complements the Banner Ads

Native content acts as a guiding light for the banner creative – it provides the right intelligence to be tapped for the banners. The visual story as conveyed through the banner not only complements the native content but also enhances the experience quotient of the audience – the probability of ad interaction is increased multiple times with the approach taken by our team.

Responsive Banners:Build once, Deploy anywhere

With a greater emphasis on Ad analysis and optimization, we focus our efforts on a seamless viewer experience across all devices and platforms.
This requires a responsive banner Ad which is optimized for the various screen sizes – our team leverages the advanced programmatic approach to Ad serving so that there is no repetitive effort in banner creation.

Display PPC campaign with CopperBridge

Display networks can be tapped to bring in the riches if we can guide our Display campaigns with the right data insights at the right moment of the buying cycle. We know that it’s an evolving science where the only constant is the ‘data driven strategy’. We help your campaign thrive amidst increasing competition and bidding war by….

  1. Delivering data-driven banners to your audience at the right moment of the buying cycle
  2. Incorporating the best programmatic approach to serving the banner ads to your audience
  3. Implementing a strategy that is cohesive and single-minded across all the devices and platforms
  4. We leverage the So-Lo-Mo (Social-Local-Mobile) targeting to reach your audience across all these different universes
  5. We are a curious tribe of Google Analytics certified marketers who are committed to tie every loose end with the meaningful data at our disposal





Baidu PPC Campaigns

The internet penetration in China is approximately 50% and that translates to around 620 million users. The advertisers around the world understand the value of this huge market and the immense potential of growth. This lucrative ecosystem is complemented by the increasing demand for online goods and services in the Chinese market.

Baidu at a glance…

As an experienced Baidu PPC provider, CopperBridge Media eliminates the understanding gap, increases the documentation transparency and defines all the intermediary processes with clarity for its clients. In addition to the Baidu set-up and account management, our team also assists with the native Chinese creative required for the Baidu PPC campaign

Baidu in figures…

Online transactions on Baidu reached $301.9 billion USD in 2013. It is expected to surpass $651 billion USD in 2017.

Online Spending Habits

33.8% shop online

30.5% pay online

29.1% bank online

Reasons for Going Online

Research Products to Buy – 45.5%

Research for Work – 49.2%

Stay up to date news / events 51.3%

Most Popular Activities

Search Engine – 76.3%

Online News – 78.5%

Online Music – 82.5%




Baidu advertising options…

International and Chinese advertisers can tap the following advertising options available on the Baidu PPC platform….
Search Network: It is similar to the search PPC on the major search engines like Google or Bing. Advertisers target customers through keywords and only pay when an Ad is clicked. The average CTR is around 5% (much higher than Google / Yahoo / Bing). Campaigns can be targeted to mainland China, major Chinese cities, Japan and the rest of the world.
Baidu One: This is a very powerful display network from Baidu and puts the advertisers in front of the most influential websites in China – 600,000 Chinese websites in 24 categories of vertical media and 12 categories of mobile application. In addition, the banners will also be visible in…
  1. Alexa top 1000 Chinese websites
  2. Baidu Music (500 million songs played daily)
  3. Baidu Knowledge (Zhidao – China’s biggest knowledge portal)
  4. Baidu Video Search (120+ million in daily traffic)
  5. Baidu Image Search (250+ million daily users)
  6. Baidu news, Baidu Wiki
The minimum Ad spend for Baidu One is $14,000 USD but this amount can be spent over a 2-month period.
Brand Zone: This advertising network is tailored for the most optimum exposure for clients who already have a trusted brand in China – most commonly utilized by clients whose brands are household names. Brands have the option of ‘exclusively owning’ their brand related keywords – competitors can o longer leverage their brand equity. Brand Zone campaigns enjoy an average click through rate (CTR) of 60-80%.
Brand Zone Mini: This is a very good alternative for lesser known brands who intend to explore the brand zone benefits on a smaller budget.

Why choose CopperBridge Media for Baidu PPC campaigns?

Over the years we have worked with clients, Baidu resellers and native Chinese marketers to make lives simple for our international clientele. We are the only company in India who has certified professionals in all the Google PPC segments along with a fully seasoned Baidu PPC team – complemented by the native Chinese creative team. We provide the following services in addition to the full-stack Baidu PPC campaign management…

  1. Facilitation and simplification of the account opening process
  2. Translation of all documents related to the Baidu account creation
  3. Regular SKYPE sessions throughout the life-cycle of the Baidu PPC campaign
  4. Localization and native translation of all Ads, Landing page copy and other marketing collateral
  5. Bid Management API application on behalf of the client
  6. Assistance with the keyword research and analysis
  7. Industry sector research and analysis


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