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India is at the crossroads of global leadership for the first time in the modern times – and a lot of it depends how it embraces and taps technology for the welfare of it’s citizens. The unbridled growth of population and haphazard development has resulted in overcrowded and clogged cities – and dangerously unhealthy environmental conditions. Pollution of all every type have a catastrophic impact on the health and survival of all species.


CopperBridge Digital Solutions for Bharat offers a Cloud Connected Online Pollution Monitoring Platform that continuously monitors pollution levels in the environment and reports back in real time.




|1| This simple and easy-to-install platform is a cloud-connected network of online air pollution monitoring systems specially designed for Smart Cities. This comprehensive platform provides a highly reliable and accurate pollution data through a hardware integrated software platform.


|2| Pollution measuring sensor devices installed at most critical areas of the city continuously gauge and report pollution levels with the highest standards of accuracy. This pollution data is transmitted in real time to the cloud based server for aggregation and analysis. The post-analysis data is presented through simple and easy-to-understand graphical presentation – for a better environmental decision making and a healthier environment.


|3| The environmental parameters that are monitored and measured by the the environmental platform are – PM10, PM2.5, CO, CO2, NO2, 03, VOCs Humidity, Temperature



|1| Solar Powered mechanism: This makes it zero-dependent on the power grid


|2| Portable and Plug-and-Play platform: Easily transported and installed


|3| Secure transmission of data: through AES encryption


|4| 100% Wireless enabled: Seamless exchange of data purely through wireless GPRS / GSM, Wifi or Xbee communication protocols


|5| API: Open APIs are available for 3rd party Web & Mobile Integration


|6| Remote Diagnostics: Fast and accurate calibration and diagnosis remotely



|1| Smart City Municipalities

|2| Schools | Colleges | Institutions

|3| Malls | Hotels | Corporate Offices

|4| Hospitals | Industrial premises



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