Display PPC

Display PPC: The targeting is more precise than ever

The ‘banner blindness’ has changed the approach. It’s no longer the static and commonplace 300 x 250 banner ads served to the wrong audience at the wrong time. Instead, they are targeted, authentic, engaging and with a unique story of their own.

  • We go beyond the flashlights and compel the viewer to interact with the banner AD – through the visual story of the brand or the product
  • Our Ad banners are the Landing Page themselves – the actual Landing page is utilized to seal the deal
  • Rich media and Video banner ads captures the attention and imagination of your audience like no other format – our job is to make it happen within the first 5 seconds
  • We know how to leverage the best audience for your brand from the big three – Google, MSN and Bing
We help you couple the Programmatic and Data-based media buying with your display campaign.

Data Driven Display

We understand that blind ad serving dries up you budget in just a few sessions. Driving the display campaign with deep data insights helps us serve the ads in the way it is meant to be. We let the data from the behavioral analysis drive the banner ad campaign. While the ad serving needs this data insight to serve the ads to the right audience at the right time, the same data is also utilized to deliver the most appropriate creative message to every single viewer.


Native Content complements the Banner Ads

Native content acts as a guiding light for the banner creative – it provides the right intelligence to be tapped for the banners. The visual story as conveyed through the banner not only complements the native content but also enhances the experience quotient of the audience – the probability of ad interaction is increased multiple times with the approach taken by our team.

Responsive Banners:Build once, Deploy anywhere

With a greater emphasis on Ad analysis and optimization, we focus our efforts on a seamless viewer experience across all devices and platforms.
This requires a responsive banner Ad which is optimized for the various screen sizes – our team leverages the advanced programmatic approach to Ad serving so that there is no repetitive effort in banner creation.
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Display PPC campaign with CopperBridge

Display networks can be tapped to bring in the riches if we can guide our Display campaigns with the right data insights at the right moment of the buying cycle. We know that it’s an evolving science where the only constant is the ‘data driven strategy’. We help your campaign thrive amidst increasing competition and bidding war by….
  • Delivering data-driven banners to your audience at the right moment of the buying cycle
  • Incorporating the best programmatic approach to serving the banner ads to your audience
  • Implementing a strategy that is cohesive and single-minded across all the devices and platforms
  • We leverage the So-Lo-Mo (Social-Local-Mobile) targeting to reach your audience across all these different universes
  • We are a curious tribe of Google Analytics certified marketers who are committed to tie every loose end with the meaningful data at our disposal



Hiring CopperBridge was the best thing I did for my productivity, effectiveness and sanity. I highly recommend them. I have used them for design work, PPC management, and website maintenance, and they work as though my company is their company. They are committed, very talented, cost-effective, and reliable.

Casey Murphy,

Director of Marketing,

Conversion Conference

Why Choose CopperBridge?

We understand that PPC is a strategic investment for your business and that every penny counts. We put our experiential and industry acumen behind your campaign and create a culture of high ROI in all the campaigns.
Record We are engaged with the Paid marketing ecosystem since the very early days of its arrival. We collaborate with more than 150 business owners annually to create high ROI campaigns.
We are immersed in the profitable PPC campaign strategies and value creation for our clients.
We have a certified group of professionals from all the major search engines and engage with the respective teams on a regular basis to resolve complex issues.
Every client is a partner for us. We are in charge of the housekeeping - Budget Management, Sales / Lead generation, New strategy execution and minimization of waste. We grow if the the partner grows.
The PPC group creates value for the clients consistently and is abreast with the latest innovation in the Paid media sphere. As a group, we also share our ‘lessons learned’ and ‘quick win strategies’ with the community.
We work within your comfort zone - on a month-to-month basis - No contracts. 90% of our clients have a recurring relationships with us. More than 95% of our new clients are referred by our existing ones. We not only manage profitable PPC campaigns for you but also help you establish in-house talent for PPC management.