Destination Branding Strategy

One of the most competitive sectors, Travel & Tourism industry has also one of the most knowledgeable customers. Travelers no longer make their decisions based on glossy brochures and collateral – They have access to the same information and purchasing intelligence as the marketers themselves. Experience, marketing experimentation and exhaustive analysis enables our team to get the right mix of strategies (online+offline+viral) for your travel business.


High ROI Business Strategies

Potential customers are watching your brand through multiple devices, multiple channels and 24×7. Our team ensures a balanced view of all the channels of customer communication (both online & offline). Even digital marketing strategies are tightly coupled with offline customer conversations (print & electronic media) – Combining the most appropriate online & offline marketing channels – or even a most offbeat viral marketing campaign.

The strategic focus…

The singular focus of our engagement will be ‘Lead generation & Conversions’. With 70 years of combined system development, technology architecture & business development experience within the
CopperBridge team, the emphasis is on creating an intelligent synergy with your potential customers – driving towards a game-changing strategy. Our tourism marketing strategy is grounded on exhaustive industry analysis, psychographic research and scientific data mining.


Engage our team to drive down costs and create marketing and sales momentum!



Destination branding

 Every destination, resort or hotel has some compelling facts, myths and legends integrated into its history and a savvy marketing strategy should unlock the vividness of its characters, adventure and rich mental imagery.

“The sole objective is to communicate the captivating story and give a glimpse of the unearthly experience that awaits the visitor when they visit this destination – That is the story of your brand and which needs to be broadcasted across all the marketing mediums.”

Differentiating = Branding

Destination promotion requires a complete transformation of the image that the consumers behold about your brand – the differentiating message has to be synchronized across all the marketing mediums – every literature and image about the brand should convey the same mental imagery.

“After all brands are more psychological and perceptional rather than something tangible”



Inspiration = Desire

Inspiration doesn’t come easy and nor can it be bought for a hefty price. It takes time to nurture a destination, a resort or a hotel – with supreme care, business-class customer service, consistent and humane communication protocols and interactive programs which provides a sense of ownership to the traveler community. In essence, majority of your customers should be inspired to tell your story – and a travel tale conveyed by a fellow traveler always carries more trust and desirability. While the technology and tools of marketing are extremely important, the value of emotional appeal remains paramount in destination marketing.


Marketing Strategy & Planning

 Thriving in a fluctuating and competitive segment can be daunting as well as a challenging prospect. Destinations and Travel facilities need to have a 360* outlook of the current and the forecasted tourism landscape in order to establish their brand. CopperBridge strategic focus for ‘Destinations and Travel Facilities (TFs)’ is built on experiential and time-tested activity blocks / phases:
  • Phase1: Hospitality Needs analysis
  • Phase2: Research & Analysis
  • Phase3: CopperBridge creative seeding
  • Phase4: CopperBridge services deployment
  • Phase5: Evaluation & Adjustment phase

The intent is to establish ‘Travel & Tourism best practices’ under custom conditions and within the 3 coordinates of – Current economic trends, Tourism supply and realistic demand side of the tourism sector.


Project Feasibility Analysis

 This is not an exact science – but, rather an experiential market assessment art justified by verifiable economic data. This involves a quantitative process while answering the vital questions…
  • Is the market going to accept and support a proposed tourism destination / facility?

  • Are the existing market demands a good indicator of positive cash flow, recurring profitability and consistent ROI?

  • Will the new project be able to sustain and edge out the increasingly fierce competition?


CopperBridge project feasibility report will also be a working marketing guide for quick and rational decision making.

So, get your customers hooked on to a story – to inspire, to create a desire and to sell a destination.


Advertising & Media Buying: Travel & Tourism

Channel targeting…

Media channels are no more used solely for conversation and leisurely meet-ups, but they have become the most sought after avenues for shopping intelligence and market intelligence. This offers a great opportunity for marketers as the volume of pre-segmented consumers on these channels provides a great billboard for targeted advertising. Influential travel brands and destination marketers have already invested wholeheartedly in the consumer profiling projects on social channels like – Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Exploroo, TravBuddy.


Targeting for Sales…

Multichannel marketing is indispensable in this age when your customers are omnipresent and are scrutinizing you through different media formats and from a multitude of devices – compelling marketing message, the timing and the medium of delivery are critical factors in the success of a marketing campaign.


Price vs. Impact

A high price tag does not necessarily mean a high conversion which will boost your ROI. Audience demographics, socio-economic conditions and buying cycle nuances have to be brought into the buying equation in order to get the best outcome – CopperBridge media buying basics. Every medium has its own nuances of AD delivery and ROI – Whether it is Print, online or electronic medium – and the media buying team must be conversant with the fine print.


Multiple mediums – One message

Marketers are equipped with a large array of media publishing options, which again emphasizes the value of a single message cutting across the different mediums.


Corporate Identity: Travel & Tourism 

The concept of branding takes on a much more amplified meaning once it is applied to the travel and tourism segment. Branding exercise in the hospitality sector can never be undertaken in silo – It is tightly coupled with the reputation of the city and the country itself.


Online and Offline identity…

A corporate identity spans across both the digital, electronic and print media entities. Your consumers are everywhere and they judge you with every piece of real estate – in both the online and offline world. A holistic branding process incorporates every printed and online property of a corporate. Uniformity of message has to be maintained across the board – website pages, blogs, social media profiles, brochures, business cards, menu cards, banners and even the upholstery.


The big picture – Nation & City branding

Every travel brand exists in an ecosystem – an environment that is shaped and influenced by the economic, geo-political, social & cultural and environmental conditions in a region. The perception of safe and environmentally clean city creates a good backdrop for the image of a corporate brand – and a great tourist destination city must be accentuated by the image of the nation as a whole.


The Assortment


Advert Design**Menus**Business Cards**Corporate brochures**Flyers & Folders**Conf. brochures**Health club literature**Hotel brochures**Pop Up Roller banners**Envelopes**Going Green cards****Letterheads** Notepads**Stationary Packs


So, what makes the integration perfect?

…The complete coupling of the corporate image with the Nation and City branding.




Conversion & Reporting

 Travel shoppers are known for their affinity to comparative shopping. They hop around to millions of site like yours to not only compare the price, but also compare the other small yet significant details unique to the hospitality segment – Check-out time flexibility, room service features, indoor restaurant feedback, laundry and pet service, and most important – overhear what others are saying about a destination, hotel or resort.It’s hard to capture these data by any analytic tool till date.

Consumer decisions in this highly competitive segment are seldom based on just a few rounds of comparison. Affinity shopping is widespread within the online consumer community – a sure proof of the proliferation of the customer survey and feedback sites – the ecommerce leader sites like Amazon and Yahoo shopping have integrated the feedback system to help the quality of purchase and transactions.

Travel and Tourism segment runs on reputation.

So, while the direct customer footprints needs to be tapped, the sentiments associated with a brand, product or service cannot be ignored by any means.


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