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Pharma Strategic Content Marketing – The Time is now

The pharmaceutical industry is billed as traditional, conservative, and clamped down by strict legal guidelines. The array of regulations make pharma extremely difficult for the marketers to build and deliver an effective road-map for marketing. Content marketing is never known for delivering immediate and shiny results – but is rather a fundamental game-changer for brands. In recent years, when every other tactic within the rule seemed to have failed, Pharma Companies have adopted a different route to get the visibility for their products – through delivery of accessible, meaningful content that the consumer and the HCPs (HealthCare Professional) easily understands – This approach certainly requires a multi-faceted collaboration, insight and analysis, so that the target audience is truly understood, and then mapping information back to the brand goals.

Our Pharma Content Strategy: Who drives it?

CopperBridge Media has been working in tandem with the Pharmaceutical Industry think-tanks to deliver a strategic content framework targeted towards the regulated Pharma sector – the most practical and effective Pharma brand visibility program in India and Asia.



When this content is engaging, it becomes “shareable” through social sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. According to the PwC Health Research Institute, 90% of adults would trust medical recommendations shared by their peers over social networks.

Content Marketing: Indispensable for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry faced with similar challenges of brand visibility – the immediate need to differentiate in a competitive marketplace and the unavoidable rush to deliver the right message at the right time. An astute use of Content Marketing changes the brand perception in the long run… because

  1. Customers want content (Information & Stories) more than marketing, and have a greater control on the mode of conception
  2. Pharma Content Marketing has an accentuating effect on other marketing campaigns: SEO, PPC, PR, & social
  3. Some of the top Pharma and Healthcare players use it – Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic
  4. A good content manages to engage the audience without any bias – creating the right goodwill factor
  5. It manages to create Brand Ambassadors for the long run – not to forget the Pharma Brand Integrity
  6. Has longer shelf life, better reach & lower lifetime cost effectiveness – is active 24 x 7



Why our Pharma Content Strategy works?

#1   It puts the customers first

#2  The content is always aligned to the goals

#3  The content is never about the Sales – but, rather the audience

#4   The Focus is on the quality of the content – and how it adds value to the reader

#5    The Communication is continuous


Pharma’s complex marketing landscape

Marketing for Pharma and Healthcare does not play by the same rule-book as compared to the other industries – considering the fact that a trivial error can impact the life and health of so many human lives – so, there is little luxury for any factual overstep.

Regulations and accountability: Every piece of content needs to be precise, credible, fully vetted, and should pass through stringent quality review. This makes it extremely challenging to publish meaningful and factually useful stories than most other industries – without leaving simplicity and fun out of the equation.

Consumer privacy and information sensitivity: Pharma marketers have to be extremely vigilant while delivering a message or sharing a story with their audience – the stories have to be factually vetted and delivered in the right way.

B2C messaging in a B2B world: An additional complication for pharma and life science companies is that their sales processes are more B2B than B2C: While their products are used by consumers in need of medical treatment, companies are legally prohibited from selling directly to the patients themselves. Licensed health-care professionals (HCPs) are the final authority as to the type of treatment that will be most appropriate for their patients. India, being a complex customer community is a tough nut to crack for the Pharma marketers – CopperBridge, with it’s truly unorthodox approach to content strategy provides the right pill for this highly regulated industry.

Creative limitations: Both regulatory-compliance issues and the indirect nature of pharmaceutical messaging can make it more difficult for content marketers in this space to explore new creative territories or embrace open platforms like social media.

Pharmaceutical Industry Reputation:  Pharmaceutical Industries have a very unenviable reputation of  ‘Making profit at the cost of blood’. So, the Pharma marketers start with a very challenging task of fighting away this reputation.


The right pill: Pharma content marketing done the right away

Most major drug companies run social media campaigns with scheduled content that does not add much value to the patient. A few brands have blogs, but those are restricted mostly to matter-of-fact and boring content.  CopperBridge Media’s content strategy offers the Pharma companies a huge opportunity to stand out while staying true to consumers.

A well meaning content marketing strategy conveys the right intentions to the HCP and the patient  – resulting in a much greater probability that patient will be a long term brand loyalists.

Brand trust is minimal for Pharma companies and the best pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are leveraging the content marketing.  

72% of internet users say they looked online in the past year for health information, and 65% of people claim the internet is the first source they turn to for health and wellness information. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have a huge opportunity to be the go-to-source of information people around the world are searching for.

Create an emotional connect with the HCPs and patients

Make it easy to access clear health and wellness information


What drives the Pharma Brand Lift?




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Pharmaceutical Industry: The right Content Strategy

The content planning, creation and dissemination for the Pharmaceutical brands demand an altogether different and specialized approach. The same ‘spray and pray’ approach to content will deliver only the wrong signals to the end stakeholders – HCPs and the patients. CopperBridge Media is the only digital agency in India and Asia which has a core group dedicated to the Pharma content strategy – comprised of Physicians, Graphic Designers, Data analysts and Industry marketers.

The driving principle of our strategy is very simple and measurable…

“The content should add consistently good value towards the health decisions of the patients”

Pharmaceutical Content strategy is a very strategic decision and should be taken only after an exhaustive evaluation of the core capabilities of the agency.

We invite you for a pilot content strategy program with Copperbridge Media.