Marketo management

CopperBridge Media’s marketing automation team helps your business leverage the true value from your Marketo technology investment. While Marketo is a simple and intuitive marketing automation platform, it still needs an intelligent marketing strategy which is based on the right interpretation of data. The essence of Marketo’s delivery is dependent on…

  • Intelligent content strategy
  • Well tested marketing workflow
  • Standardized and conversion-based creative
  • Sales & Lead funnel based on marketing workflow

CopperBridge Media, a digital agency steeped in data and programmatic approach to marketing delivers you the right mix of marketing in order for the Marketo platform to deliver consistently.

You should talk to us for Marketo marketing automation if…

  • If your in-house resources require technical and functional handholding
  • The ROI from the existing Marketo implementation does not match the expectations
  • If the lead-to-revenue cycle is not streamlined and is not yielding results
  • If you want to tap the Marketo technology for a broader spectrum within your marketing initiatives
  • The lead nurturing, e-marketing, or demand generation campaigns are not talking to each other
  • The data and reports have very little intelligence to offer


1 Intelligent Engagement technology of Marketo – Timely content delivery – Conversational Email Campaigns


2 Custom Lead scoring – Integrated Social Apps – Precise forecasting and Budget Management


3 Robust Integration with Salesforce – Tightly coupled with marketing analytics


Marketing delivers the goods only if the platform can be tailored to your unique business needs – CopperBridge Media understands the programmatic aspect of the Marketo technology to get Marketo to work for your marketing campaigns.