DoubleClick (DFP) Campaign for Publishers

CopperBridge helps you, as a publisher, to forge new partnerships with the advertising community – tapping the most real time sales options. Our helps you to leverage the best features of Programmatic direct, Open auctions, RTB (Real time Bidding) and a genuinely flexible multi-bidding environment. The DFP platform helps advertisers engage audiences on multiple formats like video, Rich Media, Native and Mobile – across all screen formats.

1 Get a Unified view of your audience & partnerships through DFP interface


2 Sell, schedule, deliver and measure your entire Digital Ad inventory


3 Tap the streamlined trafficking, advanced forecasting and reporting, and integrated revenue optimization of DFP


4 Maximize the reach and value of your AD impressions


5 Intelligent AD Delivery + On-demand Roadblocking to match your sales strategy


6 Built-in and customizable AD targeting